For 8 years now my family and I have been animal advocates and rescuing, fostering, rehabbing and rehoming homeless or abused dogs.

We have worked with many rescues in the Miami Area such as Friends Forever, Rock Pit Rescue, Fur Angels Rescue, and most recently, Paws4You.  

This endeavor has been a family affair, working together and has definitely made us closer as a family.  It is also teaching our children and their friends how important it is to treat a living creative with respect and love as well as how much work is involved.

Our family has also seen the sadness in animal abuse/breeding/dog fighting/dogs living on the streets and the animal shelters where dogs are euthanized.

I am proud to offer any family that photographs with their dog a $25 donation I will make in their name to their favorite animal rescue.

I also do pro bono photo sessions for many rescues in hope to help get rescue dogs adopted. I can produce books, cards, calendars or any other creative items to help raise funds for animal rescues.  Please call me if I can help.